-Nivaro- Kade (System Skin) Advert

-Nvaro- Kade (System Skin) Advert

It’s been a while since we’ve released a system skin, but this rugged man beast is worth the wait.

‘ K A D E ‘

Mature, strong, weathered. A good team member in the system skin selection at Nivaro.

Four coloured eyebrows.
With and without a hairbase.

Tp to Nivaro:


-Nivaro- Sagat Aesthetic ‘Enzo’ Head Applier Advert @ Skin Fair 2017

-Nivaro- Sagat Aesthetic 'Enzo' Head Applier Advert

TP to Nivaro’s stall here:

‘S A G A T’
An absolute beast just like the other Niramyth. A handsome meathead of a man with
facial hair you can light matches from.

These appliers come with various options:

– Highly detailed.
– 5 skin tones.
– 4 different beard and eyebrow colours.
– 4 styles of beard plus clean.
– Scar and normal style.
– Blends in with the Aesthetic scalp textures. (You can still
use their hairbases.

-Nivaro- Skylar Signature Gianni Applier


As seen in the recent Signature event. Now a full release at main store


One of these beasts who was born bad. Slashed brows, rugged beards, all sorts
of manly goodness.

– 4 colour eyebrows.
– Eyebrowless Option
– 2 styles of beard, in 4 colours and white (tintable).
– Slashed brows overlay – Left, Right, Both eyebrows.
– Comes with matching system skins for body.

Tp to Nivaro:


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