-Nivaro- Dante Skin @ WE <3 RP Advert



Happy 3rd Birthday We Love Role Play!

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-Nivaro – Leon Skin Advert

‘ L E O N’


About as striking as you can get. Dashing, strong, with one foot heavily on the more mature side. Many have mistaken it for a mesh head because the realism is so detailed.
Part of the 2nd Generation of Nivaro Skins.:
New body from top to bottom with
♦ 4 Eyebrow, hair base and body hair colours (Black, Brown, Red, Blonde)
♦ Bald and hair base.
♦ 5 Bodyhair styles.
♦ Tintable hair base and body hair.
♦ 2 Stubble styles & clean faces.
10 skin tones in the full fatbacks