-Nivaro- Odin Aesthetic (Enzo) Head Applier
Niramyth – Aesthetic body and Enzo head
Mandala – Male Choker Fearless
Dead Apples – Phantom Eyes – Snow


-Nivaro- Odin Aesthetic ‘Enzo’ Head Applier Advert


‘ O D I N ‘

Here it is, a highly detailed applier loaded to the nines with rugged masculinity. More detailed than the average mesh head because of Niramyth’s giant detailed texture map, this is the start of a range of Aesthetic head appliers.

These appliers come with various options:

– 5 skin tones.
– 4 different beard and eyebrow colours.
– Scar and normal style.
– Blends in with the Aesthetic scalp textures. (You can still
use their hairbases.

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