Hero 3


-Nivaro- ‘Sagat’ Niramyth Applier
Niramyth – Enzo Head & Mesh Body
Exile – Vindicated Hair
Mandala – Elf EarsHero3


-Nivaro- Harley (FFaire Edition) Skin Appliers – 01

-Nivaro- Harley (FFaire Edition) Skin Appliers - 03

-Nivaro- Harley (FFaire Edition) Skin Appliers - 02

-Nivaro- Harley (FFaire Edition) Skin Appliers - 01

Nivaro @ the Fantasy Fair 2017

This is quite possibly my favourite event of the year, if you’ve managed to live under a rock
for most of your existence and have never heard of FF all their wonderful info is here:
<a href=”https://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com&#8221; rel=”nofollow”>fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com</a>

Nivaro’s got three glorious fantasy skins on offer this time in an amazing orc themed outpost.
All proceeds of the RFL creations go to charity.

You can teleport to Nivaro’s stand here:
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chaddul Ro/53/228/46

-Nivaro- Harley Viking Gacha @ Epiphany

-Nivaro- Harley Viking Gacha @ Epiphany

Nivaro is @ The Epiphany
‘H A R L E Y’ Viking themed Catwa applier.
A new upcoming skin being show off at Epiphany gacha event.
Various beards as well as two special tattoos and a rare featuring Scarification!
Spread over three delicious skin tones.
Also when you get 25 points worth on gachas you can trade in for this exclusive version of the

There are two sims you can visit the event on, both Nivaro stalls can be found at the following:


-Nivaro- Sagat Aesthetic ‘Enzo’ Head Applier Advert – Mainstore Release!

-Nivaro- Sagat Aesthetic 'Enzo' Head Applier Advert

Now @ Mainstore
Tp to Nivaro:


‘S A G A T’
An absolute beast just like the other Niramyth. A handsome meathead of a man with
facial hair you can light matches from.

These appliers come with various options:

– Highly detailed.
– 5 skin tones.
– 4 different beard and eyebrow colours.
– 4 styles of beard plus clean.
– Scar and normal style.
– Blends in with the Aesthetic scalp textures. (You can still
use their hairbases.

-Nivaro- Gacha Guardians – Ford Tattooed (Catwa Appliers) Advert

-Nivaro- Gacha Guardians - Ford Tattooed (Catwa Appliers) Advert

Various head tattoos and scarification @ The Gacha Gardens

Four head tattoos on the very handsome Ford Catwa applier. The rare a particularly ornate Viking tattoo that spans all over the face and scalp.

Also you can trade in your gacha items for this rare scarification version of the ‘Thor’s Hammer’ tattoo.

TP to Nivaro @ The Gacha Garden here:
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bella Gacha/178/25/34


★(`’·.¸(`’·.¸ *Nivaro* Sales Sessions .·’´)¸.·’´)★

At the end of every month Nivaro treats customers to an awesome sale.
From Friday to Sunday of the last weekend of the month, one
or more of our products will be slashed in price for your for your frugal perusal. Mark your calendars cause it’s Nivaro Sales Sessions!

This month two Applier Beards 50% Off.