-Nivaro- ‘Harley’ Catwa Applier *COMING SOON
Drot – Hair
Mandala – Plugged Ears
-Nivaro- Tribal Arrow Tattoo
Aviglam – Hypnotic Eyes


-NIVARO- Sales Sessions 50% Off! Catwa Beards ‘Rugge’ & Rough’


At the end of every month Nivaro treats customers to an awesome sale.

From Friday to Sunday of the last weekend of the month, one
or more of our products will be slashed in price for your for your frugal perusal. Mark your calendars cause it’s Nivaro Sales Sessions!

This month two Applier Beards 50% Off, Signature, Catwa, Omega.

Tp to the sale board here:

-Nivaro- ‘Orion’ Catwa Applier Advert @ Ultra [Monday]

-Nivaro- 'Orion' Catwa Applier Advert

‘ORION’ on Catwa’s new STANLEY head.

Catwa’s gone and made another fantastic Bento mesh head,
this thing has a jaw like an anvil. Coming to Ultra on monday
a special applier modding one of our most favoured Niramyth
heads ‘ORION’.

Tall, dark and handsome.

– These appliers are tailor made for Catwa’s ‘Stanley’ Mesh Head but it may well work
well with the others., try the demos.
– Brows/ Browless Option
– Five colour hairbase (black, brown, blonde, red, white [tintable] )
– Five colour beards [white tintable]
– Turn Hairbase/ Beard Off.
– High resolution, high quality.
– Comes with matching system skins for body.

TP tp Nivaro’s stall on Monday:

-Nivaro- Catwa Beard Applier – Rough&Rugged

-Nivaro- Catwa Beard Applier - Rough

-Nivaro- Catwa Beard Applier - Rugged

‘Rough’ & ‘Rugged’

New fantastic face fuzz for men. The rough style is one of my favourites.


– Catwa Appliers
– Signature Appliers
– Omega Appliers (Compatible with any omega routed mesh head)
– Five colours (White, Black, Brown, Blonde, Red).
– Off Button
– Tintable White version

Tp to Nivaro: