NSS – Beard Applier Sale 50% Off

At the end of every month Nivaro treats customers to an awesome sale.
From Friday to Sunday of the last weekend of the month, one
or more of our products will be slashed in price for your for your frugal perusal.
Mark your calendars cause it’s Nivaro Sales Sessions!

This month two Applier Beards 50% Off, Signature, Catwa, Omega:

‘3 day stubble’ & ‘Superfly Rough’

Tp to Nivaro:

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aigle/91/96/497NSS - Beard Applier Sale 50% Off


-Nivaro- Catwa Beard Applier – SuperflyRough&Tash

-Nivaro- Catwa Beard Applier - Tash-Nivaro- Catwa Beard Applier - SuperflyRough
Even more scrumptious facial hair @ Nivaro:
A thick wilder version of last week’s ‘Superfly’ for the rugged and rough around the edges.
And then a classic moustache for the would be gentleman and/or dictator/ villain/ scoundrel.
Tp to Nivaro: